Seward Park has amenities for all ages. 

For the very young there is a low jungle gym and a water fountain play area flanked by stone seals.

For the bigger kids there are two large jungle gym's and for cooling off in the summer heat, a large water fountain play area
with a mosaic map of the neighborhood in the center. 

On the Southwest corner sits a swing set for kids of all ages.

For teens and adults there are volleyball, badminton and basketball courts. 

Many come to the park to enjoy dancing, practicing martial arts and relaxing. 

Seward Park has two promenades.  One along Essex Street which is centered by the historic Jacob Schiff Memorial fountain,

and the other is in front of the library on what was once Jefferson St. These area are designed for relaxing in a peaceful setting. 


Seward Park also contains several garden beds and one large gated garden area that volunteers enjoy tending and grooming
and keeping pristine. To learn more about the garden, go here.

The Park house comfort station is centrally located.  It has two bathrooms available and is used by the parks department for storage.