In our mission statement we advocate “for the park concerning funding for preservation, renewal and restoration of the park and it's facilities in partnership with the Department of Parks.”.

Two major initiatives of the conservancy will be the renewal of the Library Plaza and the restoration of the historic Schiff Memorial Fountain.

The Conservancy envisions this plaza as a sustainable green space including public art, tables, chairs and umbrellas.  People can enjoy the peace of the park while having lunch, reading or just relaxing in the shade.

The historic Schiff Fountain was donated to the people of the Lower East Side in 1894 by philanthropist Jacob Schiff and is currently in a critical state of neglect.  The fountain has lost the upper basin and bronze ornamentation.  The lions are broken and no water flows from it’s spouts.  The inscription that reads “and there shall come water out of it that the people may drink. Exodus XVII:VI” is faded with age.

The conservancy wishes to return the fountain to its former glory complete with upper basin, ornamentation and running water.